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Wave Refraction Chandelier

Wave Refraction Chandelier

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Create A Harmonising Flow For your Space.

Just as beautiful as watching the suns light sparkle on the water, the Wave Refraction Chandelier will not only add character, but you have the choice in the number of heads on the chandelier. Whether your space is large or small we have solution for your home or business.

Adaptability: With 3 colours, 7 different sizes, 2 base styles and a dimmable function this piece can be incorporated in any home with ease. This piece wont rock the boat.

Adjustable Wires: You have the capacity to 100% adjust the wires on this piece. this means it is time for you to get creative and hang your very own custom piece.

Hardwearing: With a polished stainless body and a 3-year warranty the Wave Refraction Chandelier will last the test of time.

Free Shipping: Pay for the product not the shipping. We have your back!

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