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Glow In The Dark Tape 3cm x 5m

Glow In The Dark Tape 3cm x 5m

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Never Stub Your Toe Again!

Whether you are sick of bumping into things at night or want to create a safer workplace environment. The Glow In The Dark Tape is the perfect cost-effective way to not bump into things t night and end up waking up the rest of the family. It is a fantastic way to minimise risk within your workplace and keep everyone safe. Got an event or party coming up? Create custom decorations and bring the party to life.

Safety: Put on stairs, handrails, hallways or help guide people in the right direction in dark times. 

User Friendly: Anyone can use it and get creative with where you stick it. This product is non toxic and easily removable. 

No Power Needed: Just leave the tape exposed to a light source and get up to 8 hours of luminescent glow.

Free Shipping: Pay for the product not the shipping. We have your back!

Positive Feedback: Thousands of purchases have been made with not a single return.  


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